Oak Grove Baptist Church
Friday, May 26, 2017
311 Cypress Street Mt.Carmel TN

Royal Ambassadors



Wednesdays @ 6:30 pm - meets in room B103 (on the floor under the Youth Department)

 Royal Ambassadors reaches boys for Christ and leads them to become Ambassadors for Christ through commitments and virtues. 
RAs is a Bible-centered, church-related, mission education organization for boys in first through sixth grades.
LAD VIRTUES (boys in grades 1-3)   
Loyalty - is always choosing to be a friend, even when it is hard to do.             
Friendship - is to love and help others, even if I must give up something.
CRUSADER VIRTUES (boys in grades 4-6)
 Faith - is believing in God; trusting His Word; and helping with acts of kindness through His Son, Jesus.
Compassion - is feeling concern for the hurts of other people.
Courage - is the power God gives me to do the right thing, even when I am afraid.       
Perseverance - is being patient and staying with your work through hard times until it is done.
Responsibility - is to finish the job I promised because  others trust me. 
Teamwork - is working and doing my part so more people will know Christ.                    
Honesty - is to tell the truth, respect others, and play fair.       
Self-disciplline - is managing my life in a way that honors God.